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Create the ultimate cinematic experience

Dreamscapes Audio Video

DreamScapes Audio and Video

We are your source for high quality audio and video solutions in the state of Iowa. We have been providing excellent knowledge and service for 15+ years. Our passion and primary goal is to deliver custom, tailored solutions that allow clients and business partners the chance to live their lives much simpler, by providing the best and appropriate tech to improve day to day living.


We understand the demand for craftsmanship and guarantee that it’s cultivated in every project tailored to your needs and take major pride in the work we do and values the relationships we create with our clients. We strive to constantly improve our clients well-being, while providing design and special attention to all budgets.

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Elevate with tailored audio and video solutions.

Our Process

Prior to launching your vision, it’s imperative to meet with clients to understand wants and needs.  We strive to build the perfect relationship in order to understand your lifestyle so we can design and propose the perfect system tailored to your budget.  Typically consultations are done at your new construction or already-built residence and/or business discussing plans and preparing for the next steps of design, scope and services that need careful coordination.


Effective and appropriate systems integration requires attention to detail, careful planning, layout, and design. We offer advanced system design services. From lighting and automation to multi-zone audio/video distribution, we are here to design and execute your systems just the way you envision them to be in order to make life easier.


This is the most exciting phase, where our client’s project truly begins to form and take shape. Is it a new construction?  Perfectly okay!  Then we're returning along with other contractors like the electricians, hvac, and plumbers to "trim" out or pre-wire. All of the careful planning allows our team to appropriate each device to the wired location. From speakers to light switches, outdoor oases to visual displays, they're all starting to "integrate" together to paint this picture that you envisioned.


Post installation we maintain our beautifully built relationships and strive to provide exceptional support for products and services.  With every project we create a relationship that blossoms over many years, all to ensure client satisfaction.


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Expertly Designed Multimedia Spaces

Allow us to bring our passion for AV to your Home Theatre, new construction, or commercial space no matter the size of the project. We strongly believe in the development and maintenance of relationships between partners as we always strive for the most significant outcome. When working with us rest assured, your expectations will be met.

  • Many of us want the perfect Home Theater system, but budget is a factor. Visuals are important to most, but we suggest allocating one-third of your budget to audio. With large displays now up to 98-100", this allows for a better movie experience with 40-50% of the budget dedicated to audio. Good speaker technology can last for decades, while displays are always evolving. A good sound system is crucial for an immersive movie experience. Acoustics are also important and should account for 15-25% of the budget. Without proper acoustics, audio can sound scattered and overpowering.

  • Choosing the right speakers is crucial for creating an enjoyable theater audio experience. The speaker system you select will determine the type of receiver, preamplifier, and amplifier you will need. It's important to consider the sound characteristics of your speakers, such as "bright" or "warm," and ensure they complement each other for a cohesive and immersive viewing experience. Additionally, sticking to one brand for all your speakers is recommended to maintain the proper "timbre" or tone color of your system.

  • A whole home audio system utilizes multiple speakers strategically placed throughout your house and property to deliver audio at any time, whether it be for music, audio books, or talk radio. This can be achieved through home automation, smart home apps, or an on-wall control system. It adds life to your home during gatherings with family and friends, and allows you to wake up to an upbeat song, setting the tone for the day. Additionally, the system can extend to your outdoor space, providing seamless integration and the ability to relax to your favorite tunes while lounging in your jacuzzi.

  • Yes, our free in-home consultation can turn your dreams into reality. Our experts will provide a custom solution that fits your lifestyle. Look through our website's "Our Process" section to see what to expect.

  • We offer installation of Invisible speakers for new or existing homes, and hidden landscape audio for outdoor settings. Our Hidden series audio systems are ideal for modern homes. We believe that audio should seamlessly integrate with the landscape to provide a fully immersive experience, without sacrificing aesthetics for music or outdoor viewing.

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